How is Vehicle Inspection Done?

How is Vehicle Inspection Done?
The vehicle inspection system is an application that aims to minimise the elements that threaten pedestrian and passenger safety of vehicles entering traffic. It examines whether the technical components of the vehicles are sufficient for the journey. Every vehicle on the road must pass the inspection. 
At what intervals is vehicle inspection performed? 
Although the inspection periods differ according to the type of vehicles, they must be carried out at certain intervals. It is necessary to have the vehicle inspected every 2 years in cars, tractors, trailers and the like every 3 years.  Vehicles that pass as commercial in the licence must undergo inspection every year. For 2 and 3-wheeled vehicles, the first inspection after the traffic exit must be carried out after 3 years and the subsequent inspections must be carried out every 2 years.

The vehicle must not have any debts or penalties before it is taken for inspection. Vehicle insurance is also one of the prerequisites. 
In addition, triangle reflector, fire extinguisher, first aid kit, exhaust emission stamp must be in the vehicle. If the vehicle is LPG, make sure that it is registered in the licence. Minibuses and buses must have emergency exit signs and sufficient emergency exit tow trucks.  Rear lights for tractors and lorries must be fitted without any problems. It is also necessary to bring the vehicle's licence during the inspection.
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